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Teacup -One Boy's Story of Leaving His Homeland.

“Once there was a boy who had to leave home …and find another. In his bag he carried a book, a bottle and a blanket. In his teacup he held some earth from where he used to play. He sets off to sea in a small boat.
This is one boy’s story of leaving his homeland.”

Author Rebecca Young says “My aunty arrived here by boat, shortly before my dad was born. Throughout the highs and lows of her journey, and in her new home, she never let go of where she came from. Instead, she carried it, cared for it, shared it…she gave us stories of her past … showed us that you can find old memories in new places, and old friends in new faces…”

Illustrator and composer Matt Ottley says Teacup was “…the most beautiful picture book story I'd ever read. It is such a huge story about the human spirit, about loss and grief, love and joy, about beauty and also high adventure.”

The artwork is stunningly beautiful, at times depicting peaceful blue oceans, reflective seas that hide an incredible array of life, and at other times the dark drama of threatening storms. The story and illustrations evoke the boy’s journey from loneliness and emptiness to hope and joy.

Accompanied by musicians from Perth chamber music group Chimera Ensemble, Music Book’s Narrator Danielle Joynt and Lark Chamber Opera’s soprano composer Emma Jayakumar, the presentation of Teacup will be a truly ‘multi-modal’ performance, where the music of Matt Ottley will ‘paint’ the colours, scenery and words into life and add another dimension to the theatrical experience.

Matt Ottley's paintings from 'Teacup' will also be displayed in the State Library's Exhibition space. 'Teacup' is proudly supported by the City of Perth. (www.perth.wa.gov.au)