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Madjitil Moorna Choir is a unique community choir, dedicated to singing and sharing Aboriginal songs and having a good time!

Our Noongar choir leaders, award-winning singer/songwriter George Walley and Kobi Morrison along with wadjella yok, Jo Randell will lead this special Fringe Festival cultural event, teaching you how to sing in Noongar language. The session is suitable for all ages, voices and backgrounds.

Don't worry if you think you can’t sing! The choir will be there to boost confidence and harmonies and make you shine! You'll leave the workshop feeling pretty cool, knowing a few (more?) words in the ancient language of this glorious land we live on! There’s no better way to learn a bit of language.

Teacher Annie Eversden is a fan of kids learning language: ‘The kids, especially the indigenous kids, really benefitted from the whole experience with Madjitil Moorna. Learning their own language and having it celebrated by all has left a hugely positive imprint on them’.

First timer Allan said of the choir, 'What struck me most about participating was the gentle, open light-heartedness which envelops the space and everyone in it.'

On leaving MM Choir to sing opera, Aboriginal singer Pat Oakley said, 'MM has been my inspiration, my healing and salvation at times. Remember the ripple effect that we have created has had an impact on so many of us in need of acceptance and healing. Don’t stop! There are so many of us who need this experience and there is so much more to be done to inspire and make this world a better place for all.......and we all know ‘music brings people together!’

So do yourself a favour and come and have a SING with us! The experience will stay with you long after the last note is sung.