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Ramshackle & Kitsch

Ramshackle is an old school detective – a veteran who does what needs to be done to get the right man behind bars.

Kitsch is new on the team – a wide-eyed hipster who is as equally excited about the job as being distracted by puppies wearing shiny collars.

The lovechild of Starsky & Hutch and The Mighty Boosh, Ramshackle & Kitsch is a manic comedy based on audience suggestions and the finest of buddy cop traditions.

Back by popular demand, and from the teams that bring you multi award nominated The Ballad of Frank Allen and The Man and The Moon, and perennial Perth favourites The Big HOO-HAA!

This FRINGE WORLD come see their crime thriller exploits unfold as Ramshackle & Kitsch work to keep this town safe from whatever capers are threatening us that night.