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Rather Than Later

Young people witness the aging process from the outside. We’ve seen tired families loving people who have forgetton how to respond. When we start to think about “old people” we think about ourselves becoming old. So we don’t think about it. We don’t think about what it’s like to get older, to start forgetting the little things, to see your life in the rear view mirror. Instead, we ignore it, and all too often we begin to ignore those going through it too.

The stories elderly people tell us are lessons in how to love. Rather Than Later is a show dedicated to these stories, following three millennials as they learn to listen – because some stories are better heard sooner rather than later.

A collaboration between Improve Silence and Juniper Aged Care, Rather Than Later celebrates the stories told around stiff beds with salmon coloured linen, coffee tables overrun with floral coasters, and Connect Four sets without enough pieces.