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Bus Boy

From the award-winning company that brought you Girl in the Wood (winner of Best Emerging Artist and Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award at Fringe World 2016), Bus Boy is a premiere production from an exciting young West Australian team.

Bus Boy believes he’s a bus whenever he climbs on his bike. Isolated on Rottnest Island, he knows all the routes on the mainland. He can get you to where you need to be, he just can't look you in the eye. He longs to be back on the mainland, amongst the buses, routes and timetables.

Jerry is a young woman stuck in transition. When she meets Bus Boy, a fascination with each other evolves into a friendship.

They set out on a mission to achieve dreams, steal buses, get out of trouble, and push away heartache from the past. In sharing their secrets, they uncover voices from the past they just can't shake, and must connect with each to keep driving forward.

Written by Izzy McDonald and directed by Geordie Crawley, Bus Boy is an exploration of how we’re all looking for connection.