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Backstage at the Surf Ballroom
February 2, 1959
Clear Lake, Iowa
Four Musicians

This is Buddy Holly’s final chapter.
This is rock and roll.

What if you could go back in time and be part of a story but couldn’t affect it, even knowing the outcome? From the award-winning artists behind ★★★★★ Fringe hits Vicious Circles and The Ballad Of Frank Allen comes another monumental moment in music history.

Them Good Ol’ Boys brings us back to the last moments of Buddy Holly as he struggles to regain control of his life, his music and his career, all in the middle of frozen Midwest nowhere, USA. Join Waylon Jennings in this chronologically-impaired journey as we spy through his eyes and memories on Buddy’s last night, with a faint echo of love, loss, nostalgia and survivor guilt.

This is the day the music died.