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The Book of Life

Trigger warning: This play contains depiction of and reference to suicide which may be triggering to some people.

From the anarchic, perverse and frankly ridiculous mind of Joe Hooligan Lui comes Renegade Productions’ newest offering – a miasma of fantasy, live music, dinosaurs, and chaos. The Book of Life is a desperate and absurd search for how one should live in the decadence, the horror and the splendour of the First World in the 21st century.

“I will go. I will look upon the face of god, and ask him for the reasons why.”

So begins the journey of Lily from this world to the next in search of a reason to live.
Lily, a precocious, petulant teenager listening to garbage on her headphones, has found herself on a boat on the Styx, charged with saving the world.

Guided by the boatman Charon, Lily must journey toward the god of the underworld – who has abandoned the world to its own depredations – and hold him to account. Along the way, she meets monsters of the Stygian deep – prehistoric creatures from her family – from whom she must gain help for her quest.

Scored by a soundtrack rooted in the Southern Gothic, The Book of Life is a musical journey through the history of life itself. In her quest, Lily looks for the answers to modern life in the petrified bones of Tyrannosaurus rex and attempts to glean insight from the notochord of Pikaia gracilens – the first vertebrate.

What answers will she find? What insights will she gain? Will any of it make any sense? Why are there dinosaurs in Hades? What is a petulant teenager listening to garbage on her headphones doing with Charon?

...these are precisely the sort of questions The Book of Life will answer