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Drunk Girl

Part theatre and part storytelling, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink.

Performer Thea Fitz-James tells stories about underage, small town drinking and brings the drunk girl to life, exploring her contradictory place in the contemporary imagination. Drunk Girl is that moment when the party takes a turn, but it's too late to leave; we’re caught in a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties, false feminisms, denial and love.

From the creator of the five-star Fringe favourite NAKED LADIES comes an honest look at the drunk girl stereotype: is she a contemporary crisis, or a radical feminist?

"A must-see performance." ★★★★ Edmonton Journal

"Thea Fitz-James is an effortless and clever storyteller, instantly connecting with her audience thanks to her confident, intelligent, and familiar energy on stage." ★★★★ 1/2 Vue Weekly