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Wil Greenway: A Night to Dismember

"It was the second time that week I had my arm eaten by a shark. There I stood, weeping in the shallows, a wasting monument, a torso in decline. My arterial flow was cascading over a pair of identical blond toddlers, they frolicked like a childhood memory of sprinklers at Christmas time. And then I saw her…"

A Night to Dismember is a sugar-coated nightmare, a miraculous story, beautifully told.

Fresh from a SOLD OUT Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Wil Greenway returns with a rambunctious, surreal and surprisingly tender comedy about an asteroid shower, a gentle idiot and the shark that ate his arms.

Wil is the creator of Vincent Goes Splat (nominated Best Theatre, Fringe World 2016), The Way The City Ate The Stars (WINNER Three Weeks Editor’s Choice Award, SOLD OUT Edinburgh Fringe 2016), For the Ground that Grew me (SOLD OUT Edinburgh Fringe 2015) and The Lounge Room Confabulators (WINNER Underbelly Edinburgh Award 2011, SOLD OUT Fringe World 2016).