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Stuart Bowden: A Series of Portraits

A retrospective of solo shows from world-renowned theatre maker Stuart Bowden and his unique brand of DIY theatre will be performed in chronological order over a series of five nights.

Tuesday - The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart from Us: The world is lonely. Avian is a space explorer. His mission is to rummage around the galaxy, searching for a friendly planet to tow back to earth, to keep the world company. This is a simple story about a complicated world.

Wednesday - The Beast: A poignant and playful tale accompanied by a live musical soundscape. An enchanting one man show about a creature that lives in a cave on the outskirts of town. Entwining songs from a ukulele and loop pedal, this uplifting tale will touch your heart and then tickle it (in a non-life-threatening way).

Thursday - She Was Probably Not A Robot: A lo-fi, DIY, off-beat, sci-fi, storytelling experience; a surreal, soulful comedy about a decomposing world and a cosmic visitor. When the world ends in flood and fire, one man, asleep on his air-mattress, floats out of his bedroom window, through burning debris and out to sea to be the sole survivor and last hope for humanity. This is an uplifting tale of loneliness, grief, hope and silliness.

Friday - Before Us: The story of a creature, the last of an undiscovered species, facing extinction. Featuring an abnormally exuberant combo of live music, storytelling and dangerously impressive body movements. This is a raucous, surreal, experimental melan-comedy about death, family and loneliness.

Saturday - Wilting in Reverse: A strangely compelling story with live music, vigorous dancing, understandable words and a fair bit of profound (probably life-changing) body movement.