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The Architects of Sound: Arena Spectacular

For five years, the self-professed “best band in the world” The Architects of Sound have been tirelessly working on their debut album The Holy Trinity. Now the rumours can finally be confirmed: The Holy Trinity is complete and The Architects of Sound are ready to drop the world’s first live visual album in the biggest and best electronic trash extravaganza of all time. Bigger than Beyoncé, Live Aid and Tony Hawk combined, The Architects of Sound here to bring you Architects Reborn: Arena Spectacular.

The Architects of Sound, Valencia Low-Fi, Amaro Mayfair, and Sutro, are a trio of deadpan clowns with the ego of Kanye West and the talent of Rebecca Black, who truly believe themselves to be the next big thing in music. With hilariously poignant songs like: Titties in Paradise, Sex Train and Mermaid Abuse, The Architects of Sound are ready to rock your world with their unique style of home brand electronic music. Get ready for dancing, laughing, ribbon twirling, and iconic black turtlenecks!