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West Of The Moon

A bedtime story comes to life before your eyes...

As a mother tells her daughter of a polar bear king who waits for his champion, and a woodcutter’s daughter with a destiny.

Like stepping into a storybook, this adaptation of a traditional Scandinavian folk tale, is made modern with shadow puppetry and live actors tell a story of a girl who becomes a warrior, finds a home, and saves a kingdom.

This show delves into the visual world of fairy tales and the lessons they teach us with rich colours, original music, and spectacular puppets.

This is a show filled with sword fights, wizards, trolls, curses, and a magical kingdom West of The Moon.

A story about journeys, friendship, and doing what's right. Suitable for ages 8 to infinity, think Frozen meets The Princess Bride.

West of The Moon is written and directed by Clare Testoni who hosts the podcast Singing Bones, a look at the history of fairy tales with over 20,000 subscribers worldwide. Clare has created shadow puppets for Sam Longley in his show Gareth of The Antarctic as well as for The Leichardt Espresso Chorus in Sydney, The State Library of NSW, NSW Writers Centre, and for her own show Rusalka as part of 600 Seconds in 2016. In 2016 she directed two shows for WAYTCo – Curbside, a puppetry show of her own design for the Claremont Art Festival, and Burnt.