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Love Thy Monster

The award-winning Worklight Theatre return to FRINGE WORLD with a unique and absorbing new play that explores the roots of male violence and aggression.

Blending multiple texts including Shakespeare’s Othello and interviews with boxer Mike Tyson and actor Patrick Stewart, this intimate solo show peels back the layers of masculinity to reveal the monster underneath us all.

As the stories of both Tyson, a professionally violent persona, and Stewart, who stood between his mother and violent father, unfold against the backdrop of Shakespeare’s brutal depiction of violence against women, the narratives intertwine. The differences between victim, perpetrator, role model and narrator begin to blur, questioning the nature and source of male aggression.

From the writer-performer of the internationally acclaimed Labels, and the director of the smash-hit Boris: World King, Worklight Theatre’s Love Thy Monster is probing, provocative and powerful.

“Terrific and really thoughtful.” The Guardian (Praise for Labels)