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not a very good story

A simple, quiet and utterly gripping story, that is funny and terrifying at the same time.

Nominated for a Green Room Award in 2013, this one woman show is inspired by the real life cancer cluster at the ABC Studios in Toowong Queensland. Written and performed by May Jasper, an internationally touring performer, published playwright and winner of the inaugural Moth StorySLAM in Melbourne.

Stephanie is sweet, awkward and very ordinary. She loves mystery novels and Disney films. She doesn’t like fish. Stephanie is in love with one of the office cleaners, at work. The cleaner’s name is Jen. When Stephanie sees her she smiles very wide.

Stephanie works in a call centre. Her work is her whole world. But now, people at work are starting to get sick. It’s a lot of people, very quickly, and no one knows why.