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They've Already Won

“39 Renaissance Babies Who Can't Even.” They just can't. They simply cannot.

They’ve Already Won is a rigorous appraisal of our cultural moment performed by two idiots who are at risk of actually getting drunk on stage.

If this is how we talk about things that don't matter, how do we talk about how we are literally going to actually die?It’s all our fault, and there’s nothing we can do about it?

In pantsuits and pom poms that are totally ~on fleek~, Harriet and Pierce are going to straight-up wrestle with the fact that the world is an evil and selfish place. And they won’t get distracted on the internet. Not even once. Maybe once.

In a world of hyperbolic sharing, what happens when you’ve already said This Is The Worst Thing You’ll See All Week and then something even worse happens? What is The Actual Best? Is it this show?

Harriet and Pierce are friends. They usually make pretty different shows. Recently Harriet worked with Marina Abramović and Pierce adapted a book by David Malouf. Those people are famous and sophisticated and they might come because they like us but they might not get it because they don’t go on YouTube. You do. You’ll love it.

P.S. It’s about the death of all things, but it’s totally a comedy.