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LadyNerd 2: Game of Nerds

In grand superhero tradition, LadyNerd has a sequel. Choose your own adventure in this follow-up to that award-winning geekshow. Which brilliant historical brainiacs will you meet this time? YOU decide!

Keira Daley returns to Perth following 52 performances of LadyNerd original flavour across six cities in two continents - and a detour via last year's smash-hit Tinder Musical. Masterfully accompanied by piano nerd Mark Chamberlain, Keira stages this supercharged world premiere that lets YOU call the shots.

Like its predecessor, LadyNerd 2 is packed with stories of discovery and invention. But this time, the interface is enhanced by bits of speculative fiction and the impressive upgrade of all-original songs by the centrestage nerd herself.

Venture forth on a quest where you could set course for the moon with NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, crack a genetic code alongside X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin, or snack on a power pellet opposite Ms Pac-Man.

Be inspired all over again by more true tales of ingenuity, tenacity, and a stubborn love of being right.

“a brassy cabaret ode to the women who bucked convention and made a difference... delivered with gumption and sass... ★★★★½” - The West Australian

“sparkly demeanour... smart and sexy ★★★★” - Edinburgh Fringe Review

“a kick-arse vocalist and a gifted accompanist ★★★★★” - GFI Oz Comedy News

“strong vocals, fabulous stories ★★★★” - Edinburgh Fringe Biscuit

“Daley shows off her incredible vocal talent” - Broadway World

“a superb piece of cabaret with humour and plenty of marvellously sung songs... a fascinating and often extremely funny series of narratives” - Glam Adelaide

“warmth, quirky wit and terrific singing” - Stage Whispers

“LadyNerd is a shining example of cabaret done right... fun, fresh, laugh-out-loud humour... a rollicking show” - Aussie Theatre