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Josh Earl's Festival

The Josh Earl Festival has everything you love about music festivals with the added bonus of not having to sleep in a tent. Long lines? Check. Overpriced drinks? Check. Vegetarian options that look like they’ve already been digested? Check. Plus music, bands and sniffer dogs at your entrance. Former Fringe World Best Comedy winner Josh Earl (Spicks and Specks, Women’s Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book) has teamed up with Daniel Tobias (Die Roten Punkte) for his biggest show yet, an entire music festival crammed into one hour.

Join Josh as he embarks on a journey, a journey of a thousand frustrations as he tries to navigate a festival crowd of flag capes, drum circles and muscle bros as he tries to find his friends who are "20 metres left of the sound desk" with only 15% battery life left.

Plus a line up of bands including Hot New Band Playing First Up On The Main Stage Before The Gates Are Opened, a 90's reunion band who refuse to play their biggest hit plus a DJ sweating under a helmet as he presses play on his MacBook Pro (all hilariously performed by Daniel Tobias)

*please note The Josh Earl festival has none of these things, it really just has hilarious new songs and stand up and sketches by Josh Earl and Daniel Tobias

Winner of Best Comedy Fringeworld 2012