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Flamenco Puro Presents

Flamenco is the traditional music and dance of Andalucia, Spain. It's beauty and richness has many cultural influences that have resulted in a captivating combination of moving song, stirring guitar, powerful dance and infectious rhythms.

"Flamenco Puro Presents" features dancers Farida Rabih, Deanna Faust, Emma Macmillan and Julia Lopez, Singer Manolo Muñoz, guitarist José Giraldo and percussionist Steve Richter, each individually highly respected among their peers for their passion and expertise.

The ensemble "Flamenco Puro" has presented many exciting productions over the past few years and regularly collaborate with international flamenco artists such as "Puerto Flamenco" (Seville) and Clarisa Di Salvo (Seville), leaving the Perth Flamenco community feeling exhilarated and inspired. It is now time for them to share their craft with the rest of Perth. Lovers of flamenco and those who simply enjoy the spectacle of an authentic and high energy show will be transported to Spain for the evening to experience the magic of this traditional yet ever evolving art form.