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2017 Award Winners

FRINGE WORLD Awards are given to the best shows in each genre category, plus there are a bunch of special awards. A judging panel made up of over 120 individuals from across the cultural industries in Perth see Festival events and have the tough time of deciding which shows are worthy of receiving prizes. Fringe proudly presents the most generous Awards of any Fringe festival in the world.

FRINGE WORLD launched this year the Fringe Fund and encouraged the public to add micro-donations to their Fringe ticket purchase. Because of the success of this program the Festival has increased the prize pool for the Awards and presented two shows with the coveted Martin Sims Award.

A full list of award winners for 2017 follows.

Martin Sims Award

Presented by: FRINGE WORLD

The Martin Sims Award is the top prize of the Festival, recognising the best new Western Australian work in the Festival that is destined to succeed on the world's stage.

The 2017 Festival Martin Sims Award goes to My Greatest Period Ever and Bus Boy. Both shows will receive $10,000 and touring opportunities to build their career internationally at other Fringe Festivals through the World Fringe Alliance.

My Greatest Period Ever by presenter Lucy Peach is a musical that recounts how Lucy found inspiration in her own menstrual cycle to find a new way of life, unlock and amplify her creativity and produce the sophomore album that would earn her a nomination for Western Australia's 'Best Folk Artist'. Bus Boy by presenter Rorschach Beast is a heart-warming theatre piece, an exploration of how we're all looking for connection set on Rottnest Island.

Winner (joint):
My Greatest Period Ever
Bus Boy

When He Gets That Way
Rú (//) Cercle
Alone Outside
THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

The Blaz Award

Presented to the best writing for performance by a WA writer. The Award honours Perth playwright George Blazevich who passed away in 2016.

Winner: THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

WA Emerging Artist Award

Presented by: Woodside

Winner: Sean Gustavino for Bus Boy

Independent Program Award

Presented by: oOh! Media

Winner: The Blue Room Summer Nights Program

Special Acknowledgement:
The Flaming Locomotive

Independent Venue Award

Presented by: oOh! Media

Winner: Noodle Palace

Spirit of the Fringe Award

Presented by: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Winner: Jessie Gordon

Melbourne Tour Ready Award

Presented by: Melbourne Fringe

Winner: THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

ECU Performing Arts Award

Presented by: Edith Cowan University

Winner: Jo Morris

The West Australian Arts Editor Award

Presented by: The West Australian

Winner: Djuki Mala
WA Winner: THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Cabaret Award

Presented by: ABC Radio Perth

Winner: Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves the World
WA Winner: Minor Major Marlene

Shirley Gnome: Taking it up the Notch
Rueben Kaye Success Story
Mother's Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin

Children's Event Award

Presented by: City of Perth

Winner: Fractured Fairytales
WA Winner: Crazy Hat Day - Music Fun with Libby Hammer


Mr Snot Bottom's Stinky Silly Show Returns
Rockstar School

Circus Award

Presented by: Howling Wolves Margaret River Wines

Winner (joint):
Sinsuality 2: Back in Bed
Pink on the Inside - David Eriksson

What's Next
By a thread

Comedy Award

Presented by: Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Winner (joint):
99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain't One)
Butt Kapinski
WA Winner:

Stevenson Experience: Identical As Anything
Trygve Wakenshaw: NAUTILUS
¿Hablas Inglés?

Dance & Physical Theatre Award

Presented by: K&L Gates

Winner: Djuki Mala
WA Winner: Loco

Fantasy Light Yoga
Cultural Renegades
Parlour Games

Film & Multimedia Award

Presented by: Channel Nine

Winner: Next Gen Short Film Festival


The Man Who Fell to Earth
Quizlemania 2

Free & Community Award

Presented by: Lotterywest

Winner (joint):
Perth Chinese New Year Fair
Under the Sky Sessions

Music & Musicals Award

Presented by: Nova 93.7

Winner: So Fresh: The Fairly Average Dance Party


Adam Page - Chairman of the Beard
Old School RNB Dance Party Soul Rhythm Spectacular
The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast!
My Greatest Period Ever

Theatre Award

Presented by: Cathedral Square

Winner: Bus Boy

Half hour hamlet
Paradise Lost
Risscht! The Little Match Girl

Visual Arts Award

Presented by: BDO

Winner: Toni Wilkinson - The Park

Holiday Feelings
The Paths Themselves Become Unstable
The Daedelus Project