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New to FRINGE WORLD? Get to know us!

FRINGE Central at The Perth Cultural Centre. Photo by John Leonard

If this is your first time at FRINGE WORLD, then you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about and maybe you're also feeling a little overwhelmed.

Sit back and chillax, because we're here to help you on your Fringe journey and ensure you have a wonderful time at FRINGE WORLD.

Here's the basics about Fringe.


The Pleasure Garden. Photo by Jarrad Seng

FRINGE WORLD is a summer celebration held in in Perth, Western Australia during the city's buzzing summer festival period. The 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival will be held from 20 January to 19 February.

FRINGE WORLD is the largest annual event in Western Australia and the third largest Fringe in the world. Yep, Perthians really love their Fringe!

The annual program of events is all about big variety and offering something for absolutely everyone. The line up includes comedy, circus, free and family entertainment, theatre, visual arts, music and musicals, dance and cabaret presented by Western Australian artists along with performers from all over the world.

Events are presented at venues all over the Perth metropolitan area and the major Fringe hubs are clustered at either end of James St in Northbridge - FRINGE Central at the Perth Cultural Centre and The Pleasure Garden at Russell Square.

For more information about the basics of FRINGE WORLD visit the FAQ page.

How can I get tickets?

De Parel Spiegeltent. Photo by John Marshall

The 2017 program includes more than 700 events held at over 150 venues all over Perth. All events in the program can be viewed here. You also purchase tickets from this website, and we have a handy guide here to help.

If you'd prefer to browse the program in a hard copy format, then you can order a copy and we'll deliver to your home for free. Sign up here for home delivery.

The average ticket price is a bargain at $24. Our Fringe regulars make the most of the great price and that Fringe only comes round once a year by going on a 'Fringe Binge' and seeing a whole bunch of shows. You know you're doing Fringe right if you are enjoying 2, 3, 4 or more shows!

Some shows will sell out before the Festival starts so it's best to plan your Fringe adventure before 20 January.

What should I see at FRINGE WORLD?

The West Australian Spiegeltent. Photo by Daniel James Grant

FRINGE WORLD is all about choosing your own adventure and finding shows that suit your tastes. There's something for everyone at the Fringe so you're bound to find a whole bunch of events that will bring you joy and take you to your happy place.

Browsing events using our handy Fringe UV Rating is a good way to start. It allows you to filter your search by how 'spicy' the show is. Things can get a bit wild and naughty at Fringe but with the Fringe UV Rating you can find entertainment that's right for you and your family.

Where should I go at FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD Urban Orchard. Photo by John Leonard

The best place to start your Fringe adventure is FRINGE Central at The Perth Cultural Centre. It's the centre of the FRINGE WORLD universe and a short stroll from the 60 Fringe venues in Perth and Northbridge. Getting tickets to shows at venues in this neighbourhood is a good way to dip your toes in the Fringe waters.

A stone's throw from The Perth Cultural Centre is Perth's favourite Fringe playground, The Pleasure Garden. It's free entry to The Pleasure Garden so even if you don't have tickets to see an event, it's a great place to hang with your mates and family.

FRINGE WORLD Mermaids in The Pleasure Garden. Photo by Jarrad Seng

In The Pleasure Garden there are two Spiegeltents (Salon Perdu and The West Australian Spiegeltent) and two circus tents in the Garden plus there are buskers performing every night and other free entertainment to keep you entertained while you enjoy some outdoor BBQ and drinks.

You can browse all of the venues in the Fringe here.

There's so many events. Help me choose!

All of the 700 events in the program can be viewed here.

Click the 'Filter Results' button to refine your search and find shows that suit your tastes. You can filter by genre (i.e. cabaret, comedy), venue and more.

You can use our Favourites function to help with scheduling your Fringe adventure or head to FRINGEFeed for news and tips to help you navigate the program.

For Fringe newbies, our top tip is to become a FRINGE WORLD Friend and get access to awesome treats and insider tips to help you navigate your way through the Festival program. Click here for more information on the Friends club.

FRINGE WORLD Box Office. Photo by Tenae Francis

There's a Box Office in The Perth Cultural Centre and our staff here can help answer any of your questions and guide you to your venue.

Hopefully this information will help you get started on your Fringe adventure. Happy Fringing!

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