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Accessibility & Companion Card Information

With over 150 venues in the Fringe, the accessibility varies from venue to venue.

For details about a specific venue's accessibility, we recommend visiting the individual venue page and reading the “Venue Accessibility" section.

If the information provided doesn't address your specific access requirements, please contact the venue directly for more information.

Click here to view all venues.

If you've checked the venue is accessible and decide to go ahead and book for a show, please notify us as detailed below so that we can notify staff to assist you with seating arrangements.

Notifying FRINGE WORLD of your Access Requirements

If you have bought FRINGE WORLD tickets and have specific access requirements in order to participate fully, please email us at access@fringeworld.com.au at least 48 hours before the session with your Order Number, Contact Details, Companion Card number (if relevant) and details of your specific access request.

It is recommended that you arrive early to your event and make yourself known to our Front of House staff so that they can assist you with your seating arrangements.

Booking a Companion Card Ticket

FRINGE WORLD honours the Companion Card fair ticketing scheme. Ticket purchases made by a Companion Card cardholder are eligible to receive a second, complimentary ticket to the same session for a carer or companion (subject to availability).

Here's what you need to do in order to redeem a complimentary ticket for your companion:

If booking in person at a FRINGE WORLD Box Office, you may purchase a paid ticket then receive a complimentary companion card ticket at one of our FRINGE WORLD Box Offices in person by showing your companion card (subject to availability).

If booking online, we will need to process your complimentary companion card ticket after you have made a paid ticket purchase. Please follow these steps:

      1. Choose your show in the online program and book a paid ticket for each show you wish to attend.

      2. To receive your complimentary companion card ticket for your companion, please email access@fringeworld.com.au at least 48 hours before the session with your order confirmation email and companion card number, so that we can process an accompanying companion card ticket for you, pending availability.

      3. Please be sure to include in your email if you have any accessibility requirements that may need to be considered for your order so that we can aim to accommodate these.

      4. After assessing, we will respond to your email issuing details of your complimentary companion card ticket.

      5. Note that the bearer must be able to present the companion card on the night to Front of House staff when requested.

Please Note: Any Performances in the Heath Ledger Theatre or Regal Theatre will need to book companion card tickets through Ticketek. For more information please see below.

If you have any questions, please email access@fringeworld.com.au or call us on
(08) 9227 6288.

Bookings for Heath Ledger Theatre and Regal Theatre

Please note all bookings that require companion card tickets, specific access requirements, and/or wheelchair bookings for events in the Heath Ledger Theatre and Regal Theatre should be made via Ticketek. Please call Ticketek's Special Needs Hotline on 1300 665 915.

Website & Program Visibility

If you are viewing the website on Safari or another browser and need to zoom in, select View - Zoom In. Alternatively, you can use the 'A' buttons in the footer of this website. You can view the 2017 Festival Program online here and zoom in on text and images.

Auslan Interpreted Events

These events feature captions delivered live by a captioner in the form of Auslan, the sign language of the Australian Deaf Community. This is a form of universal access enabling people with a hearing loss to experience theatre on an equal basis with their hearing peers.

West of the Moon

Saturday 4th February.
The Blue Room Theatre - FRINGE Central
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Tuesday 24 January
The Blue Room Theatre - FRINGE Central
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Alone Outside

Thursday 9 February
The Blue Room Theatre - FRINGE Central
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Swipe Right

Wednesday 1 February
Northbridge Brewing Company
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Audio Description

These events feature a facilitator verbally describing the non-verbal elements of the show to customers in the tent via a headset system, for customers who are blind or have difficulty seeing. Fringe World partners with DADAA, Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts WA to deliver this service for select shows.

To purchase a ticket to participate in the Audio Description program for Velvet or Cut-Throat Cabaret, please purchase a standard ticket to one of the sessions and then email access@fringeworld.com.au at least 48 hours in advance to specify how many headsets you will require with your booking. Please be aware that your details will be sent to DADAA, who will send you valuable information regarding the Audio Description service and logistics.

Please Note: If you would like to attend the Audio Described session of Velvet, Premium seating is the best section for viewing purposes.


Saturday 18 February at 4:30pm
The West Australian Spiegeltent - The Pleasure Garden
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Cut-Throat Cabaret

Thursday 2 February at 8:30pm
Black Flamingo - The Pleasure Garden
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Relaxed Performances

These events are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability.


Wednesday 25 January
The Blue Room Theatre - FRINGE Central
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Trygve Wakenshaw: NAUTILUS

Tuesday 31 January
The Blue Room Theatre - FRINGE Central
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Hearing Assistance

A sound amplification system is available for all performances at the Studio Underground (STCWA), the following performances will include this service (BLANK, The Average Jo, Salty, Grounded, Nautilus, The Book of Life).

Hearing assistance is available at the following events on any night:


iOTA in The Average Jo



Trygve Wakenshaw: NAUTILUS

The Book of Life

Events will be captioned:

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

All questions will be displayed on a projector screen:

TV & Movie Trivia Game Show!