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How to plan your Fringe adventure online

FRINGE WORLD 2017 is a treasure trove of more than 700 amazing events.

To help you plan your Fringe Binge and make the most of the 31 day Festival, we've developed a new online scheduling tool.

So sit back and relax and let us show you just how easy it is to plan your month long Fringe Adventure.

Step 1: Log In

To make sure that you can access your schedule from any device it's important to log in with your FRINGE WORLD customer details.

If you've purchased Fringe tickets from this website in the past then all you need to do is enter your email address and password. If you're new to Fringe you can Sign Up as a new customer which will make checking out much easier.

Click here to Log in or Sign Up.

Step 2: Favourite Events

Get yourself a tea and settle in because Fringe events are unlike anything you will usually see. They can be quirky, thoughtful, hilarious and saucy and when you see two or three events in one night, then you get to experience a true Fringe Binge.

To start your Fringe schedule, head to the All Events page and scroll through the events on offer. When you have found an event that has piqued your curiosity simply click on the heart to add it to your favourites. You can use the 'Filter Results' function in the top right to narrow down your search by location, time, genre and more or browse by list view to get a bit more information about the event.

Step 3: Save sessions

By now you should have favourited a whole bunch of Fringe events. To see your list of favourited events, click the heart icon that appears in the top right hand corner of every page.

For an optimal experience you should browse and organise your favourites on a PC or laptop, rather than a mobile device.

On your favourite page, when a date is highlighted in pink it means that there is a session on and tickets may be available. When you select a day a pop-up opens telling you what time that session is playing. You can click 'Add to Planner' to save that session. This will then change the colour of the date from pink to yellow.

To see how all your saved sessions line up click on 'Calendar' in the top right hand corner of the Favourites page. This will show your 31 Days of Fringe plan.

Step 4: Add to cart and purchase tickets.

Now it's simply a matter of buying tickets. Still in the calendar view you can click on a session and add tickets straight to your cart. When tickets are in your cart the session will turn blue and when you have purchased tickets they will turn purple. The aim of the game is to have as many purple sessions in your calendar!

Step 5: Share your Favourites

You can share your list of favourites via email, Facebook or Twitter. Let your mates and family know what shows you're digging and get together and plan your Fringe Binge adventure together.

And that's it! We hope these tools and tips help you to better plan your 31 Day Fringe Binge. Make sure to share the love and show your favourites lists with your friends and family but clicking on the social media links at the top of this page.

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